You have to move out of your current rental property and start thinking about the actual move. Going from one apartment to the next can be stressful and time consuming. So, you want to make sure you do the right things in the right order. Its important for you to think through all things and may be tempting to just box up and go, but if you do that, you’ll have some details dangling in the wind, which you clearly do not want.

For example, make sure that you check out the parking area of your new place. You want to be aware of issues related to parking, and noise. You certainly don’t want to have your window of your apartment open onto the parking lot, if you can help it. So, think about the specific property you will be renting and visit it several times, during different parts of the day so you have a feel for how things are.

Know what amenities are associated with the property and grounds. Do you have responsibility for areas around your rental unit? If so, what specifically? Know what areas are managed by the property managers and what, if any are the responsibility of others. Also, know where the apartment grounds stop and surrounding areas that may be close enough to affect the aesthetic of your area, but may not be managed by the apartment managers. If these are ill kept, this can affect the view from your apartment.

Do you have a pet? Did you know that many property management companies not only consider cats and dogs as apartment friendly pets, but also consider chinchillas and guinea pigs. While most common are dogs and cats, birds and fish, there are other categories of animals that don’t require any special consideration. However, its always important to fully disclose to the property management company before signing the lease and moving in. If you do not, you could be fined and required to remove the “pet” from your rental property. So, always check and make sure you know what is required before you sign the lease and move in. You don’t want to be stuck having to make a tough decision about your pet.

As you get closer to signing and moving into your new rental property, you also will need to find more information about renters insurance for your new place. There are lots of questions you may have so, if you are looking for a great resource to help you know more about renters insurance you can check out our renters insurance resource center that has several articles and useful information about moving and your insurance needs.

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