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Get an Insurance Quote in Kennesaw for your New Car Purchase

Everyone loves that new car smell... If you're thinking about purchasing a new car, you certainly will need to think about some of the coverage issues that will help you protect your investment on four wheels. There are 3 main types of coverage you can consider for accidental damage that may occur if your new [...]

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Buying Your First Car

The first time I stepped onto a car dealership, it was in Kennesaw, GA. This was some time ago. I was approached by three sales people all trying to sell me their latest sports car. By the time I was done processing their sales pitches, I was exhausted. And if you’ve ever been car shopping, [...]

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Distracted Driving Statistics

With all the electronic temptations beeping and blinking to get our attention, it’s no wonder that accidents caused by distracted driving have been on the rise. Luckily, you can reverse this trend by understanding the causes of distracted driving-related accidents and taking a few simple steps to help keep your eyes on the road and [...]

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