How do you know what’s important for your apartment insurance? We can give you some ideas when choosing renters insurance, you may want to take more than price into consideration.

OK, you just got the lease to your new apartment and you now see that you have to get renters insurance, just to move in! What a bummer that can be. You know you have to check the basics like:

Personal property coverage. This basically protects all of your personal belongings. This also covers you from theft or fire.

Liability coverage. This is the one that protects you from the “slip and fall” people out there. Those who think just because they are clumsy and fall down on your property have the right to ask you to give them money. Its like the new lottery. Or, this can be a real issue like if you forgot to turn off the oven and burned down your apartment complex, it was an ACCIDENT, we all know what, but you still could be held liable. If so, this would help cover your expenses in the event that you are sued for damages.

Additional living expenses. Helps pay for things like your new digs or temp housing until your apartment becomes available again.

So, you are so smart you decide to get quotes from the 3 carriers. Two of them are pretty close in price, but one is way cheap, so you do what most people do, you go with the Cheapie, save a few bucks. You get the apartment rented and you’re good to go. At least until something happens. Something bad…

Your neighbor overhead decided to turn on the bath and then left to go out for a quick dinner, completely forgetting about the but, which subsequently overflowed and destroyed much of your personal belongings, before you got home from work…  Under Cheapie Insurance, you end up having to go through 10 hoops, just like Coco the poodle does in the famous circus dog act, just to get your claim processed.

You have to know the differences between apartment insurance providers. If you don’t you might have problems that you never expected. Remember, insurance is not just insurance. If you don’t know what you have in the policy, when something happens, you might end up getting your rear end kicked, for what seems like no good reason. Or, like my great grand Pappie used to say:  “If you don’t know what you don’t know, then you may end up knowing more than you ever wanted to know.”  I never quite understood old Pappie, but I think there is a lesson here.

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