Everyone loves that new car smell… If you’re thinking about purchasing a new car, you certainly will need to think about some of the coverage issues that will help you protect your investment on four wheels. There are 3 main types of coverage you can consider for accidental damage that may occur if your new car is damaged beyond repair.

1. New car replacement coverage
2. Repair coverage that is the most common
3. Lease or loan gap protection coverage

Of course, the first thing you have to do is define what a “New Car” is. Really? Yes, you do, because this is part of the definition associated with this type of coverage and varies from insurance provider to the next. So, here you go: New Car usually means you are the original owner of the vehicle or first person on the title (or your bank in your name). Also, some policies specify the car cannot be older than 2-3 model years and expires when the vehicle is no longer eligible.

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