The first time I stepped onto a car dealership, it was in Kennesaw, GA. This was some time ago. I was approached by three sales people all trying to sell me their latest sports car. By the time I was done processing their sales pitches, I was exhausted. And if you’ve ever been car shopping, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

Because of this pressure, I try to avoid the dreaded task of shopping for a new car as much as possible. Unfortunately, I may not be able to hold off much longer as my current car is slowly nearing its end.

As I researched different cars that fit into my budget, I found a lot of great tips on shopping for cars that gave me a lot more confidence in my car shopping and negotiating ability. It no longer seems as intimidating as before!

So whether you’re upgrading to a new car or just in the market for a used car, look over these tips and hopefully you’ll be able to save some money and avoid being overcharged for a used car.

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