Medicare Advantage Plans

United Healthcare® Medicare Advantage plans can include:
– Hospital (Part A) coverage
– doctor (Part B) coverage
– Drug (Part D) coverage (MAPD plans)
– Preventive services for a $0 co-payment
– Routine hearing and vision exams, hearing aids, and/or a fitness benefit.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans
These plans allow you to go to any doctor or hospital in the United States that accepts Medicare patients.*
Not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or the federal Medicare program.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
The Medicare prescription drug plans (Part D) offered by UnitedHealthcare may include:
– Prescription drug coverage for the most commonly used generic and brand name drugs
– Low co-pays when you use a preferred retail pharmacy
– Additional savings with home delivery from OptumRx®.

Medicare Special Needs Plans
United Healthcare® Special needs plans help meet the needs of people who have unique financial or healthcare needs. If you qualify for a Special Needs plan, your plan may include:
– Hospital, doctor and prescription drug coverage
– Care management services
– Routine vision and dental coverage
– Help paying for things like vitamins, first aid supplies and dental products
– Help getting to and from your medical appointments.

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