Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides affordable coverage to meet your temporary needs. Term life insurance may be the right fit for you if you are looking for:
– Guaranteed coverage for a specific amount of time or to cover specific financial obligations
– Affordability and level payments that are guaranteed not to change
– A complement to an employer’s life insurance plan
– A quick and convenient sales process for eligible customers

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Universal Life Insurance
Universal life insurance policies offer flexible premiums that may allow you to adjust how much you’ll pay each year, by accessing some of the policy’s cash value (though you will need to pay the minimum premium amount or the policy will lapse). Depending on your policy’s potential cash value, it may be used to skip a premium payment, or be left alone with the potential to accumulate in value over time.

Potential growth in a universal life policy will vary based on the specifics of your individual policy, as well as other factors. When you buy a policy, the issuing insurance company establishes a minimum interest crediting rate as outlined in your contract. However, if the insurer’s portfolio earns more than the minimum interest rate, the company may credit the excess interest to your policy. This is why universal life policies have the potential to earn more than a whole life policy some years, while in others they can earn less.

A universal life insurance policy might be a good choice if you want:
– The flexibility to adjust your premiums and coverage amounts**
– Cash value that you may be able to borrow from while you’re still alive
– Permanent* life insurance protection and access to cash values

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Whole Life Insurance
Whole life insurance policies have a fixed premium, meaning you pay the same amount each and every year for your coverage. Much like universal life insurance, whole life has the potential to accumulate cash value over time, creating an amount that you may be able to borrow against.

A whole life insurance policy can be described as providing life insurance protection with an accumulation feature, and might be a good choice if you want a policy with:
– Level premiums that stay the same for the life of the policy
– Cash value accumulation that you can use while you’re still alive
– Protection that you can’t outlive as long as your required premium payments are timely made

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Accident Insurance
Accident insurance, also called supplemental accident insurance or personal accident insurance, pays you a cash benefit for accidental injuries.
Consider the affect a common accident may have on your financial picture. Could you afford thousands in out-of-pocket medical costs? What if you didn’t have a primary health insurance plan? Because you never know when you or someone in your family could get hurt in an accident, an accident insurance policy is a helpful and sensible precaution.

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Dental & Vision Insurance
We offer different plans to meet different needs. Our affordable dental insurance and vision plans are easy to understand and easy to purchase.

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