It wasn’t long ago that we had a breaking on our street. There had been some unusual activity reported in the community of recent, but we never expected to have our place broken into. But it happened. We had insurance (with another provider we won’t mention here…) and discovered to our horror that the jewelry my wife had been given by her mother was not fully covered under our rental policy. It was an absolute disaster and my family was heart broken from the loss of the jewelry my wife intended to pass down to our girls. Needless to say, this changed the way we looked at insurance forever and we decided to look at other providers.

Things you need to pay attention to when getting a renters insurance quote and see if you need additional coverage:

1. Always pay attention to the personal property limits. This is the limit that a regular policy will pay for each piece of insured jewelry.
2. You can increase your coverage by getting a “floater policy” which lets you increase the coverage for an individual piece of jewelry. It also can provide broader coverage.
3. You will probably need to get more expensive pieces appraised by a professional. This is not a big deal and always a good thing to have.

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